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Pre-Operative Checklist:

1. Ensure that you have confirmed the date and time of the appointment.

2. Ensure that payment arrangements have been finalised.

3. Do not eat or drink two hours prior to the procedure.

4. Organise a lift to drop you off (if you are taking pre-medication) and collect you after your procedure.

5. Wear loose fitting slacks/pants/tracksuit bottoms and comfortable loose fitting shoes/slippers.

6. Wear loose fitting sleeves to roll up and take a blood pressure on a bare arm.

7. Do not wear a dress or any white item of clothing.

9. Do not put cream or oil on the area that will be treated.

10. Leave bags, cell phones and other hand luggage at home.

11. Do not take Arnica before the treatment as it will thin the blood and worsen bruising.

12. Take all your normal medication as per usual. It is essential that Insulin dependent diabetics, or taking warfarin, clear pre-op instruction with Dr Gibson prior to treatment.

13. If you have compression stockings, bring them with you to each visit.



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